Saturday, September 3, 2011

Doll Face - Sweetened Simplicity

I've been doing the Sweetened Simplicity course provided by Shwe Khit over at her ning site.
It's a digital art course and she teaches us how to make amazing characters using simple basic tools in photoshop.  You can see a snippet of it here on her youtube channel

It's slightly different than the digital art course I took by Tam on her Willowing ning site.

As much as I've been having fun playing with paint and paper, my first love is digital.

I've done a number of digital collages which you can see here, but I've been wanting to "paint" in photoshop, and actually make something worth sharing.

Now with the 2 self study courses under my belt I have no excuse... is what I've created so far, and mind you, I JUST started (been SUPER busy with the new job working 10+ hrs a day!).

I wanted to continue and actually finish her...but I promised little man we'd go to the beach, so I have to stop and head out, but I do plan to finish her, and of course, I will post the finished girl!
Have a fabulous long weekend!!



  1. Looking good Leile. I look forward to seeing her when she is complete. So, how's the new job? What are you doing?
    Kyles :D

  2. Thank you so much Kyles! I'm looking forward to completing her too, lol. My new job is in the same industry but slightly different. Before I worked for a wine bottle distributor, now I work for a wine bottle manufacturer. It can still be stressful at times, but nowhere near as much and the biggest difference is people that I work with now are HAPPY. A HUGE change and plus for me since as much as I loved working with my old co-workers, I was miserable from a combination of things. So my stress levels are done, my blood pressure is down, I don't mind my job, and I'm happier. :-)

  3. This is a beautiful face. Thank you :-)


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