Friday, September 2, 2011

Made my own ink sprays!

Bet you're wondering what this is!

Would you believe me if I told you it's my new master piece?


I wouldn't either, lol.

Actually, it's a spray sampler...why?  Because I didn't want to pay $5-$8 a bottle for new inks. Economic times are hard, maaaan, and I'm getting stingy with my money...

So I happened across a few youtube videos and learned to make my own.

I watched vid#1, vid#2, vid#3 and vid#4 - - -and realized it's surprisingly easy.  Whodathunk?!

I hit up Micheals for spray bottles, but they only had I ran over to Target on the off chance that they might have some spray bottles...which they did, so I bought 15 more. 

Next I grabbed a random mix of acrylic colors, metallic colors, and glitter colors that I already had and then dumped each one into the bottle, filled just under a quarter of the way.  Put a little glue in...don't know if I really need to, but it seemed like that's what some people do so the paint will stay put, and then filled with water leaving some room to shake.

Then I shaked the hell out of them so everything would mix, and then I sprayed my paper to see how the paint would look.  Everything looks really cool with the exception of the 2 glitter ones I did. I wasn't surprised though since I got the same result the girl in the video got, but we'll see, I may use in my art journal for a little glitter here and there...cuz you know I love glitter!!

Now for about $20 I have 19 different sprays...if you did the math, at $5 a new bottle that would be $100 or more, right???  Yeah, I saved some money, I have fun bright colors that I can use in my art journal, and I don't have to be stingy with the color because I didn't pay $5+ or more for it.

The magic of you tube....

Here's what they look like...although upside down for now so I can get it to mix better....


  1. That is so cool! I'll have to try making those. Looks like a fun tool!


  2. Wow Leila! Very cool! Thanks for sharing! I will have to give it a try myself. I am like you, getting stingy with my money! lol


  3. It's a LOT of fun, especially when you are able to test them out. I just did 3 layered journal backgrounds using them and stencils, they work really well with the exception of the 2 glitter paint I tried out. I don't recommend (like those in the videos) using glitter paint, the spray bottle struggles with them, but the metallic paint and regular acrylic paint are working out really well! Give it a try...oh, and I found the target water bottles in the travel section were cheaper than the water bottles at Micheals, just FYI. :-)))


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