Monday, November 14, 2011

Eden - Wacky Haired Lady

Tam over at her Willowing Ning site has been creating some pretty cool "Wacky Haired" ladies.

She posted her recent creations and invited us to join in on wacky haired lady fun!

Her post is over here if you'd like to see her work or participate.

With that said, yes, I had some fun with a wacky haired lady of my own.

I've been calling her Eden...Garden of Eden.  Mostly because of the vines in the background and butterflies in her hair (if you can see them).  My camera isn't downloading to my computer at the moment, so I had to take the picture using my phone, lol.
The whole time I created her the Garden of Eden was on my mind.

Here she is, hope you guys like her!

She's 12 x 18 on watercolor 140lb paper

I used acrylics, watersoluble crayon, stamps, pencil, spray inks that I made.

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