Saturday, November 12, 2011

Playing with Watercolor

I love watching art videos on YouTube.
 Last night I was relaxing to a few before heading to bed, and as I hopped around on YouTube I came across this artist and video:

I'd never used watercolor before, but as I watched her I felt that familiar desire to try something new, so I gave it a shot today. 

When my grandmother passed, I was given many of her art supplies. So I found the watercolors I knew I had and attempted my own watercolor painting. 

Nowhere near as good as her, still need to learn how to gain some control over the watercolor, but I still had fun watching the paint and water swirl around. 

Here are the 2 I did today. Hope you like my attempts!


  1. Your efforts are amazing Leila. I've tried many times without any success myself so I know it isn't easy. I will watch the video tho and hope it helps me too. penny

  2. Good luck Penny! It's been a lot of fun day I can hopefully be as amazing as the painter in the video :-)


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