Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Journal Pages In Progress

Been super busy with a VERY active 3 year old, but wanted to quickly post a few journal pages I'm working on.  Managed to get the below layouts down...next is text and doodling, yay!

It's funny, I was never super into journaling, but I changed up the style and I think I like this process a lot better.  Don't know what it was about it before that didn't click for me, but watching this video and how she put her page together really helped me!

Christy has other pretty cool videos, click the link to go to her channel.

So here are my pages I'm working on....still in progress, but I'll post the finished pages as soon as I can!  The main pieces are cut outs from a magazine, acrylic ink, and random borders from Etsy & Deviant Scrap digital art sellers.


  1. Love your journal pages,nicely done.

  2. Leila,
    Thank you so much for this. I believe that many times all we need is a tiny spark from someone else to bring us to full light. I am happy and humbled to have been that spark for you. Your three pages here are beautiful. I am partial to the first one with the white {it is very striking} but I love all three of them. I am excited to see where your muse takes you next :)

  3. Thank you Christy, your videos definitely lit a spark. :-)

    I really like the green and white one as well, although I'm partial to all of them. I just really like that it makes you do a double take because I have the legs going opposite directions to the body, has the surrealistic feel to the piece that I love so much.


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