Monday, December 19, 2011

More Journal Pages In Progress

Right now I've just been having fun with putting together journal pages.
Next I'll get some text and quotes or whatever, but that requires more thought than I can muster right now with Xmas around the corner, so I'm staying in my own little zone, playing with paint, and putting the collage together.

Here are a few more pages I have put together, scroll down to the previous post to see more.

Hope you all are ready for Christmas!  ~*~ Happy Holidays!~*~


  1. Thank you! I've been enjoying just "going with how they feel" and not having to think about it. :-)

  2. *sighing*
    Just love these pages of yours! They really look wonderful.
    Your sense of style with color, use of space, and all the wonderful touches of bright humor you've used really make my heart sing.
    I'm pledging to make enough time for more journal work for myself this next year. I have hardly touched any of my books (I keep several, yet have become neglectful due to blogging duties, etc.) at all this year.
    Thank you for that inspiration.

  3. Aww, that's so sweet Rose, thank you for your comment! This is the 1st time I've actually enjoyed journaling but I also am spread thin on time so ive been working in stages. I color the background, then the next day when it's dry I figure out my layout and if I have time I glue it all down. My images are mostly cut and ready to go. I tend to sit and cut the images out while zoning out to tv. Makes journaling a little faster and it's nice to have images ready to go. My hubby probably thinks I'm crazy as he watches me rip page after page out of a magazine, haha. Hope you an find more time to do what you love. :-)

  4. Thanks, Leila! And that's a good tip. We actually have tons of already "ripped" pages, etc filed and ready for use. But I suppose just looking thru them as I relax, veg, zone out, would be about the same process, wouldn't it?

  5. Pretty much, you could design your layouts as you veg! Have fun :-)

  6. Love your pages!
    Have a lovely Christmas time!
    Tuire xx

  7. Thank you so much Tuire, glad you like them :-)
    Merry Christmas!


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