Sunday, January 22, 2012

Academy of Sciences, CA

A couple weeks ago hubby and I took Xavier to Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, CA.
I swung by and picked up my mom so she could join in and then met up with my best friend and her two kids.  It was a fun outing and one I hope we can do in the near future. 

I think Xavier's favorite exhibit was the little tide pool where he could touch star fish and the bug stomping exhibit.  It's all video and you stomp on bugs.  For the older kids, there is a game where you try to trap the bugs...

We had a lot of fun, hope you enjoy the pics and video.  :-)

Xavier and his buddy

My mom pointing out fish to Xavier

Xavier and Daddy

Me, Xavier, and my mom :-)

I loved this shot, he just seemed so reflective...

Watching the penguins

I loved their "rainforest," sooo many butterflies and other reptiles!

Checking out down below the rainforest where all the fish are...

3 years old is such a fun age!

The little tide pool and petting the star fish...

Not sure where all the alligators and crocodiles went when they upgraded, this was the only one they had.

They had live reindeer to see during the holidays.

The bug stomping exhibet

Having a blast!

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