Sunday, February 12, 2012

LifeBook Assignment #6 - Paint Over Collage

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I finally managed to complete another assignment for LifeBook 2012.

Kind of amazing how I'm able to find a little time here and there since working full time and caring for a 3 year old tends to suck up a lot of my week, but I'm done.

I finished her, yay!

I'm no stranger to this technique, I actually purchased Tam's Collage Paint & Soul lesson from her Willowing network a couple months back.  You can actually see some of the other ones I'd completed over here:

I'm just glad I was able to finish another lesson.  I actually skipped a couple lessons, partly from lack of time and partly because I wanted to keep up with the class, but when I have a spare moment or two I do intend to head backwards and finish the ones I missed.

With this piece, I had to re-do her clothes 3 times.  I really wanted a green background, and her shirt was pink and her skirt was a purplish paper color.  Well the pink really clashed and I hated it, so I colored her shirt purple...and oh no.  Horrible.  So I decided on blue, which kinda blended with the purple a little bit.  The skirt I colored over with gray and then dragged some of the blue in to it.  Once it dried I used copic markers to do the dots and lines for her clothes until I got her semi-presentable.  Haha.  Guess you could say I do the same with my clothes every morning until I can figure out an outfit that works for me.  Alas, to be a girl!

Still working on perfecting realistic eyes and hair...but I'm slowly getting there.


Hope all is well in your art world!



  1. You did a great job with this lesson Leila. Ive still to do it, you have inspired me to get on with it this week. Loving the background and your girl looks great too, well done x C

    1. Thank you Chellesky! It's a lot of fun and takes the guesswork out of having to do a face, much easier when you have features already there to guide you. :-)
      When you get started, I just want to suggest using a face that's 3-4 inches or more in height. I did a few that had small faces (an inch or 2) and it was really difficult to get the eyes, nose, and mouth done because they were really just too small. I'm finding that using pen for facial features is a bit easier than paint as well, doesn't look so smudgy and messy. Have fun with yours, good luck!


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