Monday, February 20, 2012

Mad, Mad Alice in Wonderland World

I participated in this months Blissfull ATC Swap...and I'm so glad I did.

The theme this month is Mad, Mad Alice in Wonderland World and I got a fantastic card from my swap partner, Janet Ghio from Janet's Art Play!

Look at how cool this card is:

Created by Janet Ghio

Along with the ATC she sent she also included some fun elements I plan to incorporate into a journal spread, when I find more time, of course!

....and here is the card I sent her.

Originally it was this one, which I liked:

Created by Leila West / Artsy Creations

....But then it wasn't "Mad" enough for me so I made her a different one:

Created by Leila West / Artsy Creations

I really liked both and was going to keep the first one, but where's the fun in that?  
So I decided to send her both cards plus a 5x7 print as a surprise.  :-)

This is the print I sent her (I think, can't remember now, lol, minus the frame of course):

Created by Leila West / Artsy Creations

So glad she received my package and likes it.  :-)

Hope all is well on your end of the world.



  1. wonderful atc... I'm hosting another Alice swap at paper traders ...the link is on my blog
    hugs wendy

  2. I love the Atc with the white rabbit. Did you hand colour the stamp?

    1. It's actually not a stamp. :-)
      The background is painted book page, star and word are purchased elements, and then the images and text are printouts that I cut out and then outlined with brown copic marker.

  3. I like the card with the using of white rabbit in here......Did you hand color the stamp ,and what kind of paper card that you can use in here......

    Plastic Card
    Plastic Cards

    1. Hi Salmi, I used acrylic inks on the ATC card stock that you can buy. The images are color printouts from an inkjet printer that I outlined with black ink. I also attached stars and flower/leaf elements to complete the piece.


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