Sunday, February 26, 2012

Testing Bloglovin

Since Google Friend Connect seems to be disappearing (March 1st??) for non "blogger" sites (and really, who knows when it will disappear for good),
I'm testing Bloglovin...

So far, I think I like it.  I was able to export my google reader subscriptions (go to your google reader, settings, import/export subscriptions) and save to your computer and then import the file in to Bloglovin via this link.  I think it imported everyone...if not, it sure got the majority (and I follow a LOT of blogs as you can see from my profile!)

And I was able to download an app for my phone too.  :-)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin
Follow Artsy Creations by Leila

ps....I'm also on Google+.  If you're using Google plus too, then add me, or let me know and I'll add you!  Also, if you look to the right on my blog, I've also added a number of other ways you can still follow me, if you'd like.  :-)

...pps....I came across bloglovin via this blog post in my search for a easy to use platform that can still connect me to artists I love to follow and who follow me.  :-)
Here's to hoping you guys won't disappear when google does pull the plug on Google Friend Connect. 


  1. Leila, This is a GREAT tip! I'm definitely going to check this out tomorrow or later today when I have more time. I like the little icon on your sidebar too - it stands out. The Linky tools is very confusing because you have to manually enter every time you have a blog post or it won't show up on someone's Linky Tool Blog Reader! That just seems like too much work! Have a great Sunday!

    1. Thanks Geri! I tried Linky first and consider myself to be pretty up and up on blogging, coding, etc...and I was way too confused by it and felt my followers would be too... So in my search I found Bloglovin and am pretty pleased with it so far. Mostly, I like how easy it is to use. :-)


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