Sunday, March 4, 2012

WIP - Stuck on Color

Still working on my Paint Over Collage from a Lifebook lesson. I posted a previous WIP a post or two down if you'd like to see it's beginnings.

Anyway, I'm a bit stuck so I'm posting for suggestions and am temporarily walking away so I can go back with fresh eyes.

I'm debating on using yellow around her to try and bring her to the forefront. Or maybe changing the background entirely.
The background feels really muted, but when I add more color to make it pop, then she blends into the background. So I'm a little frustrated. Colors aren't working for me right now, lol.

Any suggestions?

....and in other news. I used Gilders paste to change this key to silver. Then add some red sparkles. :-)

Will be turning it into a pendant shortly...

- Hope you are well and having a creative day!

xoxo Leila


  1. This is really lovely !
    You did a fantastic job!

  2. Thank you! The colors actually really bothered I changed all of them and am much happier...slow progress but getting there! :-)


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