Sunday, February 26, 2012

Paint on Collage - WIP

I've been on the computer all day updating my blog, ways you can follow me in case Google Friend Connect really disappears, and transferring all my favorite blogs from my blog reader to my Bloglovin option.

Now.... It's time for Art! Here's a work in progress that I have been working on. It started off with acrylics on collage, but then my dark pan pastels arrived so I had fun giving her a new skin shade. :-)

Paint Over Collage is a method I learned via Tam@Willowing as well as within her Lifebook course, if you're interested.

Hope to have her finished soon!

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  1. oi recebi e-mail informativo sobre linky fool e fiz atraves de seu blog!!!

    1. Hi Ana - Yes, I sent a mass message through friend connect to let people know that non "Blogger" users will lose access and provide them with ways to still follow me. :-)

  2. love seeing her in progress...those wings and the background look gorgeous! can't wait to see the next phase :)

    xo, juliette

    1. Hi Juliette- Thank You! I really love the background and am having trouble painting and layering over it, lol. Soon I will have to get over that and proceed, but I'm going to try to choose similar colors because I really do like the way it looks right now. :-)


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