Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bracelets from the Metamorphasis Class

Class just ended at Artful Gathering and I completed the Metamorphasis Collage Bracelets course.

Really awesome class provided by Mary Jane Chadbourne of Desert Dream Studios. I've been wanting to know how she created her gorgeous bracelets, so I'm happy I've learned her process.

Now that class is over I believe I can share pics. :-)

Here's the 1st bracelet I worked on. I still need to paint the insides and then glaze, but you get the idea, right?

...and here's my second bracelet just needing the finishing touches.

Not quite on the level of the instructor, but it's been fun practicing.

Somehow I also won a contest. I was pleasantly surprised to be randomly picked to win won of her bracelets. It arrive today and it is simply gorgeous! I love the rich colors and the images used.

Here is a picture of her bracelet that I won.

Later on this fall she mentioned offering a DVD for purchase. I highly recommend. The videos were very easy to follow and informative. A class I really enjoyed and plan to continue with. :-)

Hope you're having a creative day!

Xoxo ~Leila


  1. Very cool bracelets! I am loving the jewelry you are creating! xo

    1. So sweet of you Cathy, you made my morning, thank you!


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