Sunday, December 30, 2012

Creativity Is.... Dylusions Journal - Page #1

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For Christmas I got myself some Stampotique stamps and the Dylusions journal.
I was torn between what I wanted to put in this journal but ultimately decided I want to stick as much as I can to using stamp images.  I have a lot of stamps, but not many of actual figures.  I bit the bullet and bought several of the Stampotique image designs (credit cards are grrrreat!! ;-)  ) because I'm really drawn to their quirky and sometimes "dark(er)" feel to them.  
I guess you could say I identify with the stamps...

I used several stamps on this page, I suppose you could say I threw in everything but the kitchen sink, but I've not been a huge journaler, so I mostly just played around with stamps I was drawn to for this layout.  I made a mistake with the flower stem, initially everything was supposed to stay on the book page, but I wasn't paying attention and the stem went down to the bottom border .  As I sat and contemplated wiping off the staz-on ink, knowing full well it was going to be impossible and my thoughts were pointless... I stared at it a few more minutes to see if I wanted to leave the mistake or go with it.  I decided to go with it and did the rest of the stems in the center grouping the same way.  I actually kind of like it, lol.  I may or may not extend the rest of the stems - the ones on the outer edges.  I can't really decide, so for now I will leave as is.

The one thing I am bothered about and will just have to live with is a major mistake I won't be repeating.  When I got my  new journal, I  went through and added ink to a BUNCH of pages - at the same time.   I sprayed, moved spray around, and then sorta kinda dried.  
Well, the ink seeped through the binding because I was using so much liquid (mostly puddles of colorful water!) and so on my pages that should be one set of colors, there are now other colors in the center of the page.  At first I was super annoyed, but what's done is done...  I resolved the problem by deciding those pages would have book pages on the inside.  At least that way it hides most of the color that shouldn't be there.
Lesson learned!

I used my dylusions journal and ink sprays
Stamps from Stampotique
Stamps from Ranger's Tim Holtz line
Stampology stamps
Claudine Hellmouth stamps

Hope you are all having a fantastically artistic day. 
Happy New Year!


  1. totally love your journal and u sure dont have to sell me on the Stampotique style! lol Listen..those inked seeped pages can be awesome later!..dont forget u can just gesso over them too!

    1. Thank you for your comment Jane! For whatever reason it didn't really occur to me to gesso over the ink seeped portion, I suppose I could, lol. So far I like adding the book pages to the layout to cover it up, but I've been thinking of ways to just incorporate them into the spread. Now I have a 3rd method available to me and will think about adding gesso for the pages that bother me, hehe. It will be my new challenge as I work on the pages! Happy New Year. :-)


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