Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Any Given Day

On any given day my table looks like this...

This is actually a good day. I can see space on my work table. In B'sue Boutiques Creative Group on FB I participate in Work Table Wednesday's (WTW) and Finished Up Friday's (FUF).

This participation has helped me immensely!! I don't have ADD but I swear when it comes to crafting I'm totally ADD. I start on a project and then get side tracked with another project *oooh shiny* that I want to work on. New technique, new supplies. You name it. I'm distracted.
So Members on Brenda's team came up with these "challenge" days where we share what's on our work table currently. As long as there are identifiable parts from Brenda's shop we get to also enter the challenge for a little "prize" so to speak. A fun giftie for the random generator for the surprise winner to help us stay motivated. Then of Friday we share what we finished from our Wed table that we shared. As long as what we finished includes Items from Brenda's shop we also get to be in the random drawing. More motivation.... But really, what motivates me is the fact that I share and people comment.

I love it. I love the interaction, encouragement, friendship. It's awesome and even tho it can be challenging in my life to have something to share, I think I've managed to share in all of them since the group started WTW and FUF.

....and you know the best part of all?! I have finished pieces. Yep. Managed to finish several pieces and take them with me to craft shows to sell. I love making jewelry, but let's face it, without selling what I make there's no money to buy more supplies so that I can make more. Right? So these 2 challenge days help me do just that. Complete pieces ready to share and sell.

Now if I could just get my act together and get everything listed..... Listing Sunday anyone? 😝

Hope you're all doing well. Until you read again...: ;)


  1. At least you can see your table. Mine's still full from Christmas. lol

    1. I have to carve out some kind of space or I get frustrated. Hope you can find your table soon!

  2. I'm going to take a shovel to it tomorrow. lol

  3. I'm still trying to find my table too! Great post, Leila!

  4. wonderful post.. my worktable is screaming to be cleaned....

  5. Great post. I plan to spend a bit of time this weekend unearthing my work table. :-)

  6. That's a fun idea, have a day for listing and see how many people can get on their sites that day....LOL Great blog, Leila!

  7. Thank you everyone! Table still isnt unearthed but i'm ready for the challenge!


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