Saturday, December 27, 2014

Been Awhile.....but I'm back and ready to participate in a Build a Line Design Challenge

Well it's been awhile hasn't it?  Almost a year since I last blogged.  A full time job, a side jewelry business, household to run, and 2 young kids later I'm finding my spare time has been limited.  Really limited...  But I somehow have managed to keep my job (we had MASS layoffs back in June 2014) while working towards building up inventory in my business.  This year was the year I dipped my toes into the craft show world participating in 3 small events and learning quite a lot.  I am slowly growing Leila Nicole Designs into a business rather than a hobby.  My tax lady should be quite happy with that...  ;-)

So, even tho my time is still limited, I'm back to blogging.  Why?  Because I'm gearing up to participate in this!

The Build a Line Challenge sponsored by B'Sue Boutiques.  Its a 3 month long challenge hosted by Brenda Sue of B'Sue Boutiques and as long as you're using pieces from her shop you can participate. Interested?  Click here for more detailed information. Those participating will submit their design ideas early Jan and if approved then we are part of the challenge.  Her goal is to have several people doing different lines as we learn to create a cohesive line for our businesses.  I'm sure we will all learn a lot during this challenge.  I know I have learned a LOT in her Facebook group where Brenda and so many others generously share their knowledge.  I never thought I'd be one to share any knowledge, but I've learned so much from others along with my own trial and errors that even *I* have been able to speak up and help some of the newer members.  I love B'sue Boutiques Creative Group.  If I'm online, then chances are I've popped into the group to check out the newest creations by the most fabulous people.  I highly recommend you join, whether you're a novice or expert, chatty, or lurker, making jewelry full time or simply dipping your toes and dreaming up designs.  Jump in, join all of us.  It is a wonderful place to learn and grow with people that continually nurture each others creative spirits.  I've been in the group for a couple years now and have not once ever seen a negative comment from anyone.  That's one (of many) things Brenda and her team are great at staying on top of...keeping the group a safe and nurturing environment...I imagine that is why the group continues to grow and why members stay.  So join the group if you want to make jewelry, grow your techniques, and if you're feeling daring, participate in the Design Challenge.  I plan to be there and will be posting progress shots here along the way.  See you soon!

ps....check out her store B'sue Boutiques.  Brenda carries top of the line American Made brass pieces that are exceptional quality.  I received some amazing comments from customers at the craft shows I attended because of the quality supplies I used.   Oh, and before I forget, grab some cocoa and relax to her B'sue Boutiques YouTube channel.  I have learned SO much from her FREE videos and you can too.  


  1. What a great post Leila, and I am so glad the group has benefited you so much! I hope I am up to the challenge of guiding this challenge but some how we will all 'make it work' together!

    1. The group has benefited me a lot. Thank you for creating it. :-)

  2. Great post Leila and welcome back to blogging. Nice blog you have here.

    Now what to get the boys so they can behave and let mommy work on her challenge? :-)

    1. Right?! Usually I have daddy distract them but its hard on swing shifts...


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