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Trip to Mexico...and an awesome husband!

My hubby is so sweet.  I had a tumbler in my wish list before I talked to Harry in B'Sue Boutiques Creative Jewelry group.  Harry from OscarCrow Handmade Jewelry blog  helped me figure out what I needed to accomplish a specific task, which a tumbler wouldnt work, but hubby bought it before I could delete it from my wish got a tumbler for my anniversary.  A wonderful present and great to have in my supplies, so I'm running an experiment with it right now.  So cute the little note he left on the box for me to find.  :-)
Anniversary present!

October 17 , 2013 was our anniversary...3 years married, 9 years together.  So we decided to take a vacation and took off to Mexico on Monday Oct 14th.  9 years ago (2004) was our last non US vacation.  We went on a cruise to the Bahamas and ever since then with the economy crash and life getting in the way, we basically did staycations and hit up areas closer to home for a weekend off here and there.  So you can imagine my excitement to go out of the country and explore.  :-)

On the plane ready to go!
View of the resort from our 5th floor room.  The beach is just past that pool!  You can see the clouds rolling in, it actually poured rain the first night, but it was still so hot!
A shame we didn't get to do much of that.  Once we got to the hotel Damian said his back hurt and that it felt like something was pressing against his lungs making it hard to breathe.  He's an asthmatic, so  that was pretty concerning. I helped him stretch in the hopes that whatever bone had moved out of alignment could be coaxed back into place.  No such luck tho, so we scheduled him a deep tissue massage for the following day to try and help with the pain.

The next morning we went to the timeshare meeting that was part of the obligation of the trip....most people wouldn't want to be bothered, but hey, agreeing to the meeting and listening to their spiel got us 2 trips at a deeply discounted rate with the trip to Mexico being all inclusive...why not, right?  The second trip is to Florida, so we'll do that next year and visit my parents since they started their move on Friday, the day we returned from Mexico and my mom's bday (I'm still really bummed they're moving so far away). So we finished our 90 min obligation (that was really 4 hours as they tried so hard to sell us a timeshare, lol) and headed off to their last ditch effort which was getting our 2 free city tour tickets as they tried one final time to  convince us to buy.   They even offered us 2 more free tickets to a fancy boat ride and dinner on a small  island ($170 value) to return thursday and listen again for one more hour - which ultimately would've been several more hours.   We initially agreed to it  so  we could do the free boat ride and dinner, but more on that later.

We finally got to leave and they convinced our taxi driver to take us to a chiropractor and wait for us so we would have a trip back to the hotel.    Too bad they were closed  :-/
So off to an amazing massage...he had the deep tissue but mine was holistic and SO relaxing.  I swear I must've fallen asleep because that 80 min massage felt like 10 min!!  ...but I was relaxed and feeling good.  Damian on the other hand...well deep tissue is not his thing, haha...BUT, it did help him out of the majority of the pain.  He could still feel a bone out of alignment but it no longer hurt, so that was a plus.

We ended up hitting up a dinner buffet and watching the show the hotel staff put on, which was actually really nice.  They danced for us in their traditional Mexican music and clothing, so it was really fun to watch.

Enjoying the buffet before the show starts

Part of the show
Got a chance to talk to others and found many people to be either from the states or Canada.  Dinner was delicious, only we didn't know there were coconut ingredients in one of the dishes.

Damian is allergic to coconuts.  
Not good.

It slowly hit him at the table, he started coughing, thought maybe it was his normal allergies, so we continued on with the evening.   We eventually went back to our room and he decided to sleep sitting up, which apparently didn't help much  because he kept getting up and down to go cough in the bathroom to allow me to sleep.  I woke up after midnight asking him if he was ok and he told me it was hard to swallow and it felt like his throat was swelling.  We called the hotels front desk and asked for a doctor.  At 4a we had a  doctor visiting to check on him...he got a cortozone shot and the hotel staff had a taxi driver pick up the meds needed so we wouldn't have to try and figure it all out in an unfamiliar country.  $150 plus meds later...he was finally starting to feel better.  The swelling was going down and the meds were helping to control the cough.  He actually brought the meds back, even though it looks like over the counter cough meds, because he said they worked better than what we have access to here in the states.  Amazing.

Since we didnt get much sleep, we opted to cancel the free tour we had, slept in and then lounged on the beach and pool side so that he could rest and try to heal.   It was a little on the boring side for me, I'm really not one to sit at a beach or pool for hours on end since my idea of fun is parachuting or zip lining through trees, but I didn't want to push it.  You dont mess with allergic reactions or asthmatics, so since  I could still hear his  labored breathing beach lounging it was.  Besides, its just as easy to get lost in a good book and I had plenty in my kindle app.  :-)

Fun in the sun
First time we went to the beach we went up to the front of the chairs and had people trying to sell us many different things, non the second time we found spots behind the ropes, so we could relax in peace.....
Always with the video games....
Enjoying the warmth...
Lovely view of the ocean...

Loving the shade.

We did still have the meeting on Thursday, which would've provided us free tickets to the boat ride and private island dinner.  As romantic as that sounded for something to do on our Anniversary day,  we opted to check with the staff and see if we could use the free city tour tickets we had and reschedule for Thursday.  I'm so glad we did, I had so much more fun checking out the city than I think I would've had on a boat ride to go eat...  

The city tour was 6hrs long on a bus where the driver stopped at certain points to let us check out a few areas and our tour guy was pretty awesome.  Funny guy with some pretty cool stories, told us all about Puerto Vallarta and the various points of interest.    Below are some fun pictures from that tour.  

One of the churches we stopped at to check out.

Resurrection, we were told they didn't have issues with termites, but once a year they take Jesus down to repair humidity water damage.  It is a tradition and everyone gathers as Jesus is taken back to church to be rehung for all to see.

Damian is Atheist and I'm Agnostic, so I couldn't resist teasing him over entering the church.  

Yes.  It's a tree.  But a cool looking tree and I simply had to take a picture, lol.
The tour guide said the hotel behind the tree didn't have any windows facing out so it's nicknamed lovers hotel.  ;-)

Beautiful view!

Inside another church...I loved all the gold all over.  

I just couldn't resist.  Liquid men anyone?

Ahhh...Damian's favorite part of the tour...
A tour of the Tequila factory!  He showed us the various tools to making their Tequila which is NOT massed produced and tasted quite yummy!

We learned the reason for the salt and lime when taking shots of the mass produced Tequila is to cover up the horrible is he right!  We got to taste test 5 of their Tequilas and they did not require a cover up....

Shots of their almond Tequila... Damian bought 3 bottles and he got a free bottle, so he chose one that tasted like coffee....?  I dunno...I'm not a coffee drinker so didn't care for that one, but he liked it.

Various Tequilas we got to try

Someone was chatting with me on the bus, so I didn't get to hear the explanation of what these are, but naturally I had to take a picture....  Do you know what they are?

Waiting for lunch

Their menu and staff

These guys went around the table singing to everyone for tips  :-)
They were actually pretty good!

Last stop of the tour before heading back to our resort

Beautiful pool, can't see much of it, but towards the right is a small water slide.

Margarita!  All inclusive!

The food was amazing!  My fajitas.

We went to a little store for snacks for our city tour and crossed by this jewelry store.  This necklace caught my eye and I made a comment on how pretty it was and I wanted it but wasn't going to buy it.  So what did hubby do?  He surprised me with it for another anniversary gift!

The guys from the same jewelry store come over to the resort and set up tables to sell jewelry to everyone.  We stopped to find a gift for my MIL since she took a week off to watch the boys while we went on a much needed vacation.  Naturally, this one caught my eye....  Since I had money set aside for tours and we weren't able to go on any others, I went ahead and got this for myself as well.  Now hubby HAS to do date nights so I can wear my beautiful jewelry!

It was sad to leave, I wish it could've been longer, and with the exception of what happened to Damian it was a pretty nice relaxing vacation.  We had a long trip home, but it was wonderful to see the boys smiling faces and humongous hugs we got when we stepped in the door.   I miss Puerto Vallarta, but I'm happy to be home!

So happy Mommy and Daddy returned!


  1. Hi, I think those pods may be carob pods. Nice pictures of your trip. I love traveling to Mexico!

    1. Oh thank you Nancy! I've been wondering what they were...
      Mexico was beautiful, I've only been one other time and that was years ago on spring break so it was nice to see again with fresh eyes. :-)


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